Between the Sofa Cushions and Beyond

spare change in the sofa cushions

You’d be surprised where you can come up with extra cash.

Beyond the sofa cushions there’s a variety of options.

  1. sell blood
  2. yard sale
  3. visit sperm bank
  4. odd jobs
  5. sell stuff on ebay, craigslist or etsy
  6. recycle scrap metal
  7. be a mystery shopper
  8. join military
  9. volunteer for clinical trials
  10. second mortgage
  11. sell annuity
  12. become a surrogate mother
  13. sell your hair
  14. use body for advertising
  15. odd jobs
  16. pan handling
  17. rent a room in your home
  18. tutoring
  19. movie extra
  20. busking

Not every suggestion will work for everyone for there might be a few new ones.


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